We are celebrating our FIFTH anniversary of our very first store opening here in Denton, TX. Thank you so much for all the love and support! I started Bargain Sleep back in 2013 to provide a better alternative to the big box stores and fly-by-night circus shops slinging mattresses with their ugly flappy flags and deceptive prices and stories. (Pro tip: No one is really giving you 80% off retail. That's a lie.) I hope everyone understands and appreciates what our family is trying to do: give you the best service, the mattress and the best price. No lies, no pressure and no hassle. 

Here's to the next 5 years! We love you guys!

New Stuff Coming for Fall

We are introducing a number of new models and sales for the fall! Foam Encased queen sets from $348 and king sets from $498. New memory foam mattresses, new models and a whole new manufacturer.

 I'm still getting all of the pictures and prices together for you, but you know I'll have some crazy amazing deals. It's what I do. Just check out the shop online or schedule an appointment to come try all the great American made mattresses on sale today. The beds just keep getting nicer and our prices and service keep staying unbeatable. Come on down and celebrate your good fortune! High fives by request. 

Contact us to set up an appointment. Buy today and you can sleep better tonight!

Moving on up in Denton!

Hi everyone!  We have some exciting news: We are moving into a new storefront in Denton!  Our new outlet is 3508 E University Ave, right around the corner from our old place, but way cooler and easier to find.  Nothing else changes, though.  The new store is still ultra low overhead and sales are only by appointment, so we don't need to pay multiple salespeople and staff to sit around waiting for someone to show up.  That means you don't, either.  In other words, we still have the best deals around on premium American mattresses and accessories.  Our prices will not change, and neither will our mission statement.  We are here to get you the highest quality American mattress for the lowest price anywhere.  We work when you need us, and we close up shop and go home when you don't.  Why pay more for the big store's wasted hours of energy and wages when no one is shopping?  You would just be subsidizing the big corporate store presence and experience, and we don't need either of those things to sleep well at night.  I've found a comfortable, high quality American mattresses and some extra money in your pocket work much better.

Give us a call or send us a message - we'd love to meet you and show off our place and products with pride.  Just give me a second to find the light switch when you get here.



A Weatherford Welcome

Hello, Weatherford!

We are extremely excited to announce the opening of our newest location in Weatherford this week!  We will have an initial load of 20 sets, featuring a little bit of everything from our factory brand.  Weatherford has never seen deals this great, and we are so proud and delighted to bring them here. 

Grand Opening Special Mattress Set

For our grand opening, we have brought in some special purchase innerspring mattresses at an outstanding price.  Get a twin mattress for only $95, or get a queen set (mattress and foundation) for only $220 - ALL TAX INCLUDED.  We only have a limited stock, so contact us today before they're all gone!